What dreams we dare to dream within ourselves that we fear may come true.

BDSM activity is becoming more and more main stream. A recent sociologist report published in the Journal of sexual medicine regards this as a leisure activity, for some it is and for others it’s simply a way of life. The report states that those who engage in BDSM activity develop a sense of personal freedom, enjoyment, improved personal skills, a sense of adventure, self-expression, positive emotions and decreased stress levels. I have seen over the past few years more and more new people getting into this form of erotic activity on various levels and they all ask the same question. Where do I begin? This book will help answer many of those questions you have. Some of you may just want to tip your toe in the waters so to speak while others will just jump right in.

There are tens of thousands of variations on the dynamics on all this and it would be impossible to list them all. I have written this guide as a way for you the reader to get a foot hold on many of the basics and some dynamics involved in BDSM. Some of you may only be interested in bondage and domination while others wish to incorporate the full spectrum that BDSM has to offer. I have included a glossary of terms, a questionnaire and a M/s – D/s contract.

There is also a list of commonly used acronyms. This is a journey into that erotic world of BDSM and overcoming fear and the many misconceptions with knowledge and understanding. I have also included some safety tips to help further you along your journey. Play safe and journey well.

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